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Custom Culinary® Gold Label Vegetable Concentrate

EAN (01)08435129202042

A classic aromatic vegetable concentrate prepared from a Mirepoix of carrot, leek, and onion, enhanced with bay and lovage, suitable for vegan dishes. 23% Vegetable Puree.

Gluten_Free Vegan Vegetarian

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Tip: Marinade vegetables in vegetable concentrate. Add a squeeze of vegetable concentrate to the boiling water for rice and pasta.


Directions for use: Shake before use. Can be added to hot or cold dishes. Dilute 1:10 to use as a stock.


Water, Salt, Soluble corn fibre, Onion concentrate, Sugar, Parsnip concentrate, Yeast extract, Leek concentrate, Carrot concentrate, Fennel concentrate, Sunflower oil, Tomato paste, Mushroom powder, Garlic concentrate, Stabiliser:Xanthan gum, Black pepper, Lovage, Bay, Flavouring.

Package Info

Sheflife 12 months unopened. Store in a cool dry place. 
Once opened, refrigerate and use before best before date.