Premium Plant Burger

Premium Plant Burger

Let's enjoy a classic burger with plant-based benefits, served with a nice unique apple jam sauce.

What You'll Need

Amount Ingredients
170 g Custom Culinary® Chef´s Own™ Premium Plant Mix - Seasoned Plant Based Alternative to Beef
As desired Master's Touch® Smokey Habanero Sauce
4 units Burger bun
4 pieces Apple
20 g Ginger
10 g Pepper
3 g Turmeric
50 g Pineapple juice
50 g Honey
½ piece Cucumber
As desired Baby spinach
22 ml Vegetable oil
288 ml Water


Preparation Step 1– Mexican Taco
1. Prepare in advance the Custom Culinary® Chef´s Own™ Premium Plant Mix, adding the water and oil, mixing all ingredients until you get a good homogenization and refrigerate for 20 mins.
Preparation Step 2 – Plant burger
2. Form the burgers and let them rest in the fridge until the moment of being cooked.
Preparation Step 3– Plant burger
3. Cook the burger patty in the pan.
Preparation Step 4– Plant burger
4. Peel the apples, cut them in slices, and start cooking them in a pan slowly with the honey. Once they start to golden, add the ginger, turmeric, pepper and pineapple juice. Let it cook until the juice is concentrated.
Preparation Step 5– Plant burger
5. Build the burger in the following order: bread, apple jam, Premium Plant burger, Custom Culinary® Master's Touch® Smokey Habanero Sauce, thin cucumber slices, spinach leaves and bread.