What You'll Need

Amount Ingredients
As required Custom Culinary® Chef´s Own™ Premium Plant Mix - Seasoned Plant Based Alternative to Beef
As required Chef's Own™ Pre-Dust
As required Chef's Own™ Tempura Batter
As required Chef's Own™ Coarse Panko Breadcrumbs
4 units Soft bread
4 slices Vegan cheese
1 piece Carrot
1 piece Onion
120 g Purple cabbage
120 g Cabbage
40 g Mustard
40 ml Yoghurt sauce
48 ml Vegetable oil
288 ml Water


Preparation Step 1– Mexican Taco
1. Prepare in advance the Custom Culinary® Chef´s Own™ Premium Plant Mix, adding the water and oil, mixing all ingredients until you get a good homogenization. 
Preparation Step 2 – katxopokatsu
2. Let it rest for around 2 hours in the fridge.
Preparation Step 3– Katxopokatsu
3. Form the slices at the desired size (adjusted to the bread) and put them into the freezer, covered with oven paper. Once frozen, create the "Cachopo": a slice of plant mix, a slice of vegan cheese and another slice of plant mix.
Preparation Step 4– Katxopokatsu
4. Dust the "Cachopo" with Chef's Own™ Pre-Dust. (Step 1)
Preparation Step 5– Katxopokatsu
5. Dissolve Chef's Own™ Tempura Batter in cold water. Allow batter to rest for 10 minutes, dip the "Cachopo" in it. (Step 2)
Preparation Step 6 – Katxopokatsu
6. Coat the "Cachopo" with Chef's Own™ Coarse Panko Breadcrumbs (Step 3) and fry it.
Preparation Step 7– Katxopokatsu
7. Slice thinly the vegetables and put them in water with 6% salt for 1 hour. Drain them and take out the exceeding water. Mix with mustard and yoghurt sauce.