Crumbed Mushrooms

Crumbed Mushrooms

Crunchy mushrooms you can dip, yes please! Featuring Chef's Own™ Pre-Dust, Chef's Own Tempura Batter and Chef's Own Coarse Panko Breadcrumbs. Take your favourite mushrooms, cover it in our savory batter and breadcrumbs then season with some rosemary, thyme and soy sauce, you won't regret it. 

What You'll Need

Amount Ingredients
1 kg Mushrooms, champignons or oyster mushrooms
30 g Thyme, freshly chopped 
30 g Rosemary, freshly chopped 
30 g Parsley, freshly chopped 
8 g Salt
4 g Black pepper
10 ml Soy sauce
100 g Chef's Own™ Pre-Dust
300 g Chef's Own™ Tempura Batter
550 ml Cold water
200 g Chef's Own™ Coarse Panko Breadcrumbs


Preparation Step 1 - Crumbed Mushroom
1. Clean mushrooms from dirt with a brush and season with salt, black pepper and a splash of soy sauce.
Preparation Step 2 - Crumbed Mushroom
2. Dust mushrooms with Chef's Own™ Pre-Dust (Step 1)
Preparation Step 3 - Crumbed Mushroom
3. Dissolve Chef's Own™ Tempura Batter in cold water and season with the chopped herbs. Allow batter to rest for 10 minutes and dip mushrooms into the batter. (Step 2)
Preparation Step 4 - Crumbed Mushroom
4. Coat the mushrooms in with Chef's Own™ Coarse Panko Breadcrumbs (Step 3)
Preparation Step 4 - Crumbed Mushroom
5. Deep fry mushrooms at 170°C for 4-5 minutes.