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Next Big Menu Hit

With ever-changing business needs and customer demands, it can be hard to identify how to create winning menu concepts over and over, in a predictive way. But that’s where Custom Culinary® comes in. Get ready to taste success even faster with FlavorIQ®: It’s a thoughtful, insights-driven approach to innovation rooted in culinary expertise.  We turn trends into reality with exciting new dishes that meet your operational needs, delight your customers and exceed your expectations.

Here's how we do it:


Key Flavor and Menu Trends 

We get to work quickly to evaluate your menu opportunity, through proprietary industry research. For a “deep dive” into our top 10 foodservice trends of the year, be sure to subscribe to our FlavorIQ® electronic newsletter.


Understanding Your Brand 

We want to develop menu items that align with your innovation goals and brand vision. Using trend-mapping techniques, we identify major flavor trends and match them to the best fit for your brand and customers.


Consumer Insights 

By analyzing what consumers are hungry for today, we can generate new product and menu ideas for tomorrow. We validate concepts through consumers to accurately measure how items will perform once they hit your menu.




Our team of industry experts combines a deep understanding of the culinary arts with food science, manufacturing technology and menu insights to create authentic flavor systems and unique menu concepts that meet your bottom-line goals.