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Master's Touch® Vegan Mayonnaise


A healthier alternative to your regular mayonnaise can be used as a dressing and an ingredient to create more complex healthier sauces for everyday use.

Halal Vegan MSG Free No Artificial Flavours No Artificial Colours No I+G

CASE PACK 10/1kg plastic pouches


Ideal for sandwich and salad applications and as a dipping sauce or condiment. 


Fully Refined Soybean Oil 65%, Water 22%, Sugar Solution 5%, Distilled Vinegar 3%, Thickener (INS1450) 2%, Non Iodized Salt 2%, Lemon Juice <1%, Natural Flavourings, Sequestrant (INS385)

Package Info

Shelf life 9 months unopened. Keep in dry and cool place, and away from sunlight. Close tightly and keep refrigerated after opening.