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Chef's Own™ Hainanese Chicken Rice Base


A simple and easy-to-use seasoning mix provides a perfectly balanced flavor and aroma to create a classic Hainanese chicken rice.

Halal MSG Free No Artificial Flavours No Artificial Colours
CASE PACK 12x500g tub


Use 100g Hainanese Chicken Rice Base for 500g raw rice and 800g hot water.


Maltodextrin 31%, Chicken Fat 18%, Fully Refined Vegetable Oil (Palm, Rice Bran) 18%, Natural Flavouring 11%, Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein 8%, Non Iodized Salt 7%, Sugar 5%, Onion Powder 0.5%, Legume Flour 0.5%, Yeast Extract 0.5%, Dehydrated Garlic 0.5%

Package Info

Shelf life 9 months unopened. Keep in a cool dry place (25-40°C) and away from direct sunlight. Close lid tightly and keep refrigerated after opening. The product should be used and finished within 2 weeks of opening.