Bangalore Food Bank, registered as Feeding Bangalore Foundation aims to address the issues of hunger, malnutrition and prevent food wastage.


  • Since 2014, Griffith Foods India and Middle East (IME) has partnered with the Global Food Banking Network on the Bangalore Food Bank—the first food bank in Southern India. During 2020, employees at Griffith Foods IME contributed one day of salary to a relief fund administered by the Bangalore Food Bank to provide food to families in need. The funds were used to distribute meal kits to 270 families across the city. Each meal kit contained ingredients such as wheat flour, rice, oil, dal, sugar, masala powder and vegetables that could be used to cook enough meals for a family of four for a week. Griffith Foods IME worked with the Bangalore Food Bank to help ensure the kits were responsibly distributed, adhering to social distancing guidelines while helping some of those hardest hit by the global pandemic. The programs undertaken by Bangalore Food Bank are:
  • NGO Feeding Program – Serve a regular sustainable supply of sufficient groceries to partner organisations to maintain their beneficiary’s health and nutritional status.
  • Food Rescue Program – Prevent food wastage, procure surplus food, and distribute the same to the needy.
  • Breakfast Feeding Program – Aim to alleviate the health and developmental consequences of childhood malnutrition.
  • Food Relief Programs – Ration kits, cooked meals, and any food-based requirement to ensure food security and availability of sufficient quantities of nutrition rich food for the underserved.

SOLAR energy

Conservation of natural resources leads to a healthier and happier planet. Listed below are initiatives undertaken for the same.


  • Freshwater is important for our own operations, both for direct use in wet products and for cleaning of equipment. We have installed wastewater treatment plants at a number of sites and are currently investing in further facilities. We have also begun a transformation of our production processes, with reduction in water usage as one of the focus areas. For example, by reducing the number of changeovers between products on the production lines, we are able to reduce the number of necessary cleanings, thus reducing water and chemical use.
  • We also work to minimize our waste impact, reducing total manufacturing waste to landfill by 41% since 2014 by introducing recycling and repurposing programs, in particular, for packaging materials that are used in our processes. For example, by changing the way we clean and introducing new mixing technology, we’re able to diminish waste. As a result, 13 of our facilities send zero waste to landfill and our overall waste to landfill diversion rate is 89%.
  • In addition, focus on enhancing our cleaning processes has reduced water and chemicals usage, while the gradual introduction of new mixing technology will lead to less residual waste at the blending stage. The global introduction of our lean programs throughout our  factories is enhancing our efforts to reduce waste in different ways daily from the shopfloor up. This year, we also started collecting data on hazardous waste globally for the first time.
  • In Bangalore, we also started a project to convert food waste into biogas. We are committed to managing, measuring and minimizing our environmental impacts across all facilities including energy use; greenhouse gas and other air emissions; local pollution; materials use and waste; and water use and disposal. Currently, each facility is responsible for establishing and implementing its own environmental management system, consistent with our global approach and reflecting local requirements and context. Our ambition is for all facilities to achieve certification to ISO 14001, the international standard for environmental management systems.


Protection of products from foreign objects and adulteration and to promote the safety of consumers and customers for the products intended use.


  • A worldwide network of Custom Culinary® facilities exists to support customers locally, as well as those identified for regional growth. Each features flexible, reliable, and consistent manufacturing capabilities, world-class quality and food safety programs, secured formula protection and local market knowledge, ensuring our customers have the ability to gain a foothold in key markets more quickly and efficiently. We take pride in executing at the highest standards of excellence.