Naga Chicken with Bamboo Shoot, Custom Culinary® Ghost Jolokia Marinade, Bhoot Jolokia

Naga Chicken with Bamboo Shoot

Delicacy from northeastern part of India, flavored with super spicy Custom Culinary® Ghost Jolokia Marinade and cooked to perfection.

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Oriental Crispy Fish Cakes, Custom Culinary® Stay Crisp™ 3 Pass Solution

Oriental Crispy Fish Cakes with SriRacha Mayonnaise

Fish Cake spiced with Custom Culinary® Classic Fried Rice Seasoning and coated with unique Custom Culinary® Stay Crisp™ 3 Pass Coating Solution, fried and served with Custom Culinary® SriRacha flavored Mayonnaise.

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Mexican Beetroot Tikkis, Custom Culinary® Mexican Chipotle

Mexican Beetroot Tikkis

Melt in mouth beetroot tikkis flavoured with smoky Custom Culinary® Mexican Chipotle.

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Mexican Cheese Nachos with Chilli Lime Cilantro Salsa, Custom Culinary® Mexican Cheese Seasoning,

Mexican Cheese Nachos with Chilli Lime Cilantro Salsa

Seasoned nacho chips served with a side of spicy, fresh salsa - perfect for sharing with friends!

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Barbecued Chicken, Custom Culinary® Hot Chilli Marinade Custom Culinary® BBQ Wings Glaze Mix

Barbecued Chicken

Oven-roasted, boneless chicken wings marinated with a mouthwatering, spicy-sweet barbecue glaze. Grab the napkins for a messy and delicious appetizer!

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