Soups & Salads

Avacado & Fig Salad, Custom Culinary® Sriracha Marinade

Mixed Greens, Avocado & Fig Salad with Asian Honey Dressing

Delighful, healthy combination of assorted lettuce with dices of avocado and fresh figs, flavoured with sweet & spicy Asian Honey dressing made from Custom Culinary® Sriracha Marinade.

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Chettinad Moringa Rasam, Custom Culinary® Chettinad marinade

Chettinad Moringa Rasam

Goodness of Moringa served in an Indian styled soup spiced with Custom Culinary® Chettinad marinade.

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Asian Noodle Soup, Custom Culinary® Classic Fried Rice Seasoning

Asian Noodle Soup

Clear soup with goodness of healthy veggies, served with noodles and flavored with tantalizing Custom Culinary® Classic Fried Rice Seasoning.

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Sausages and shallots salad, Custom Culinary® Hot Ketchup Seasoning

Sausages & Shallots Salad with Hot Ketchup Vinaigrette

Juicy Sausages combined with baby potatoes, shallots and arugula leaves with Custom Culinary® Hot Ketchup Seasoning based vinaigrette.

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