Crispy Fish Fingers

Crispy Fish Fingers

Fish fingers have been a classic for dinner since the 1950s. Featuring Chef's Own Pre-Dust, Chef's Own Tempura Batter and Chef's Own Golden Breadcrumbs. These crispy fingers will bring the new retro to your table. 

What You'll Need

Amount Ingredients
1,5 kg Fish Fillet (Cod/ Lou de Mer/ Turbot), cleaned & de boned
8 g Lemon Thyme, chopped
10 g Chives, chopped
10 g Parsley, chopped
8 g Salt
3 g White pepper
100 g Chef's Own™ Pre-Dust
250 g Chef's Own™ Tempura Batter
650 ml Water
200 g Chef's Own Golden Breadcrumbs


Preparation Step 1– Fish Fingers
1. Slice the cleaned fish fillet into 80 g fingers and season with salt and white pepper.
Preparation Step 2 – Fish Fingers
2. Dust the fish fingers with Chef's Own™ Pre-Dust. (Step 1)
Preparation Step 3– Fish Fingers
3. Dissolve Chef's Own™ Tempura Batter in cold water. Allow batter to rest for 10 minutes, dip the fish fillets fingers one at a time into the batter.(Step 2)
Preparation Step 4– Fish Fingers
4. Coat the fish fingers with Chef's Own Golden Breadcrumbs (Step 3)
Preparation Step 5– Fish Fingers
5. Deep fry the fish fillets at 160°C for 5-6 minutes.