Sweet and Sour Pork Balls

Sweet and Sour Pork Balls

A taste of Asia featuring Chef's Own™ Pre-Dust, Chef's Own Tempura Batter and Master's Touch® Sweet & Sour Sauce. Deep-fried pork covered in delicious sweet and sour sauce will solve all those cravings. 
Made with:

What You'll Need

Amount Ingredients
1,5 kg Pork Loin or Tenderloin
100 g Chef's Own™ Pre-Dust
500 g Chef's Own™ Tempura Batter
1,000 ml Cold water
200 ml Master's Touch® Sweet & Sour Sauce
15 g Salt


Preparation Step 1– Pork Balls
1. Trim the meat from silver skin & fat. Dice into cubes 2cm x 2cm around 50g each and season with salt.
Preparation Step 2 – Pork Balls
2. Dust the Pork cubes with Chef's Own™ Pre-Dust. (Step 1)
Preparation Step 3– Pork Balls
3. Dissolve Chef's Own™ Tempura Batter in cold water. Allow batter to rest for 10 minutes, dip the pork cubes into the batter. (Step 2)
Preparation Step 4– Pork Balls
4. Carefully place the coated pork cubes into the deep fryer at 175°C. Drizzle some of the batter with a spoon on the deep frying pork cubes to create more crispy edges. Fry for 3 minutes. Serve them with Master's Touch® Sweet & Sour Sauce.