Vefta Sandwich

Vefta Sandwich

Köfte are usually heavily seasoned, fried, baked or grilled minced meatballs, rolls or flat patties , mostly made from lamb or beef. it can be found in  numerous variants throughout the entire oriental cuisine from North Africa to Southeast Europe to India. We created an plant-based version with Custom Culinary® Chef´s Own™ Premium Plant Mix and added more grated vegetables for more texture & nutrition.

What You'll Need

Amount Ingredients
300 g Custom Culinary® Chef´s Own™ Premium Plant Mix - Seasoned Plant Based Alternative to Beef
100 g Carrot
50 g Parsnip
100 g Red Onion
100 g Rocket Salad
1 Sandwich Loaf
150 g Vegetable Oil
750 g Water


Cut Celeriac
1. Prepare the Custom Culinary® Chef´s Own™ Premium Plant Mix in advance by adding water and oil and  mixing all ingredients to a smooth consistency. 
Preparation Step 2 – Grate Vegetables
2. Wash & peel the vegetables (use trimming to prepare a fond later on), grate the vegetables rough and dice the red onions. 
Preparation Step 3– Mix vegetables
3. Add the grated vegetables to the plant dough, mix evely and refrigerate for at least 20 mins.
Preparation Step 4 – Make skewers
4. Form the skewers using the mix and & flatten them out evenly.
Preparation Step 5 – Grill skewers
5. Place them onto the grill. Turm every few minutes to check the grill marks & the doneness. After around 10 min the Vöftes are ready.