Diners are changing the way they eat away from home. Across all restaurant subsegments, the pandemic has drastically influenced consumer eating habits and left operators facing a constant cycle of evolutions and adaptations just to keep up with their customers’ expectations. Restaurants and other businesses in the foodservice industry are now forced to operate in a more complex environment, with the challenges of limited staffing, new consumption behaviors, and changing dining preferences all added to the mix.

Takeout and Delivery

Takeout and delivery services have also grown, and the need to provide consumers with great-tasting meals that deliver the same satisfaction as dining in, has become a major priority for most operators.

Food Ordering Frequency

Griffith Foods Survey: Food Takeaway & Delivery Consumer Attitudes and Preferences, January 2021.

Majority of APAC Consumers say they often order takeout or delivery

  • Millennials have a bigger appetite for home food delivery, while more than 85% order takeout at least once a week.
  • Food takeout and delivery orders are more frequent in Indonesia (88%) and Thailand (86%) as compared to other markets in the APAC region.
  • Acceptance in Japan is relatively low; only 50% of consumers place orders for takeout at least once a week, and the percentage is even lower for delivery (35%).

COVID-19 has spurred insecurities about the future and feelings of fear and isolation. In times of uncertainty and stress, people seek solace in food. Millennials are getting older, and with the world becoming more complicated by the day, they are craving nostalgic foods. Even older consumers are feeling nostalgic about the past as they strive to maintain aspects of their culture.
Consumers are looking for healthier, nostalgic dishes that transport them back to simpler times!

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