Beef Hamburger with Abalone Sauce

Beef Hamburger with Abalone Sauce

With  Chef's Kitchen™ Abalone Sauce (Customized), the hamburger features a unique, rich aroma and a delicious taste. The  Master's Touch® Creamy Mayo Dressing enriches the taste of the burger with its rich milk flavor that is also slightly salty, sour and sweet.

Made with:

What You'll Need

Amount Ingredients
65g Hamburger bun
1 ea. Abalone
130g Beef patty
25g Mixed mushrooms
2g Black fungus
1 slice Lettuce
2 slices Tomatoes
80g Chef's Kitchen™ Abalone Sauce (Customized)
20g Master's Touch® Creamy Mayo Dressing
Half Lemon
2g Purple cabbage
Sprinkle Salt
Sprinkle Black pepper
Sprinkle Olive oil


  1. Clean the abalone, mixed mushrooms and black fungus. Put them in the  Chef's Kitchen™ Abalone Sauce (Customized) and simmer them for about 10 minutes.

  2. Fry the beef patty, and season it with a little salt and black pepper.

  3. Shred the lettuce and purple cabbage, and season them with lemon and olive oil.

  4. Slice the hamburger bun into two halves. Apply  Master's Touch® Creamy Mayo Dressing on the inner sides.

  5. Spread the prepared lettuce on the bottom of the hamburger bun and put two slices of tomato.

  6. Put the fried beef patty.

  7. Add the simmered abalone, mushrooms and black fungus. Drizzle them with a little  Chef's Kitchen™ Abalone Sauce (Customized), and cover them with the other bun.