Chinese Hamburger with JingChu Styled plant based protein

Chinese Hamburger with Jingchu Styled plant based protein

Marinated with  Chef's Own®Jingchu Styled Marinade, the plant-based protein is slightly sweet, with slightly spicy aftertaste. Fresh, salty and tender, it goes well with shredded cucumber and onion. This Chinese hamburger with plant-based protein has a unique and lingering aftertaste.

Made with:

What You'll Need

Amount Ingredients
5  ea. Chinese hamburger bread (30g/piece)
100g Plant based protein
1 ea. Cucumber
1 ea. Onion
10g Chef's Own®Jingchu Styled Marinade
25g Chef's Kitchen™ Jingchu Styled Sauce (Customized)
Sprinkle Coriander


  1. Shred cucumber and onion.

  2. Steam the Chinese hamburger bread in a steamer at 100°C for 10 minutes.

  3. Mix 100g of plant based protein, 10g of  Chef's Own®Jingchu Styled Marinade, and 10g of water at a ratio of 10:1:1 and marinate them for 4 hours. Put them in an oil pan and stir-fry them at 100℃ for 3 minutes.

  4. Put 20g of cooked plant based protein, 3g of shredded cucumber, and 3g of shredded onion into the Chinese hamburger bread, and then add 5g of  Chef's Kitchen™ Jingchu Styled Sauce (Customized).