Golden Lotus Root

Golden Lotus Root

White and tender crispy lotus roots, green snow peas, golden carrots and black fungus make a refreshing dish.  Chef's Own®Golden Spicy Sour Soup Base not only makes its color brighter and more attractive, but also creates a crisp, spicy, sour and smooth taste.

What You'll Need

Amount Ingredients
50g Snow peas
20g Carrot
70g Lotus root
20g Black fungus
20g Chef's Own®Golden Spicy Sour Soup Base
3g Chef's Own®Chicken Powder Seasoning
Sprinkle Olive oil
Sprinkle Salt
‚ÄčSprinkle Cashew nuts


  1. Prepare the ingredients. Slice the lotus root and carrot, and soak the fungus.

  2. Boil sliced lotus roots and carrot, snow peas and black fungus separately.

  3. Add a small amount of oil to the pot, put the boiled ingredients into it and stir fry over high heat.

  4. Add  Chef's Own®Golden Spicy Sour Soup Base and  Chef's Own®Chicken Powder Seasoning and stir fry slightly. Sprinkle some cashew nuts on the plate for adornment.