Volume 6 | Issue 4

May 26, 2020

Upcycled Cuisine


The topic of food waste has been top-of-mind lately, as operators contend with unused inventory and consumers face empty grocery shelves. The USDA estimates that restaurants shed $162 billion annually in food waste costs, and upcycling presents a unique answer to this challenge. From financial, environmental and culinary standpoints, the benefits of upcycling are extraordinary. The mindful use of organic byproducts that would typically be discarded presents an opportunity for culinary creativity and innovation. Chefs are taking a root-to-stem approach, repurposing bruised fruit and vegetable peels. We’re seeing almond milk byproducts turned into flour; pistachio shells replacing barbecue wood chips; and pomace (grape pulp and skins) used to make grapeseed oil. Blanching water from mushrooms can create umami-rich, nutritious liquid mushroom concentrate and dried mushroom powder. Fiber-rich green banana flour derived from less-than-perfect produce, sauces made from beer brewers’ spent grains and gut-friendly whey beverages made from yogurt and cheese byproducts are just the tip of the iceberg for upcycled cuisine in 2020 and beyond.




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