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August 24, 2022

TAKE ME AWAY! Food and exploration have always gone hand in hand, and today’s retail and menu offerings give consumers even more opportunities to expand their culinary horizons. 

 Foodservice operations are delivering the unique and unfamiliar, while also satisfying whims of wanderlust with cross-cultural offerings. A bakery-café chain in Hong Kong recently added a Thai-style plant-based crab cake salad to the menu, while a US-based Mediterranean fast casual chain is spicing up their traditional falafel with Spanish and Italian twists on the recipe.

Areas ideal for consumers to sample global flavours are the snack, appetizer, dessert and beverage menus. These bold, yet “low risk,” items are easy ways to introduce consumers to new flavours that cross geographical borders. 
Not all flavour adventures stray far from home—regional recipes are taking off, too. The Italian outposts of a global QSR burger chain are focusing on just that, with specialties like the Pecorino Romano & Scamorza Burger, 'Nduja Burger and Parmigiano-Reggiano Burger adding local flair to the menu.
With unlimited inspiration from street food, comfort fare and fusion-style twists, consumers are ready and willing to travel the world with their taste buds!


9 in 10 of Spanish consumers would like to learn more about different world cusines, providing an oppportunity for innovation to  educate on global flavours.

Over 2/3rds of German consumers use cooking to trial world cuisines that they have not tried before. Offer dishes that combine ease and authenticity to reinforce and grow their interest. 

The majority of Brisith consumers
only use takeaways for dishes they can't prepare at home. Propose seasonal dishes from around the world.


Operators will find new ways to fill familiar formats with global flavours and vice versa to ease guests into trying new items.  

Operators will lean into specific regional flavours to differentiate and provide more nuanced offerings.   

With consumers traveling and choosing to dine in-person again, presentation is everything. Foodservice operators will showcase street-food-inspired dishes and social-media-worthy global recipes.


Adventurous consumers are the perfect audience for authentic global flavours. A global cuisine which has been growing in popularity recently across Europe is Korean cuisine. Using Fermented condiments and a diversity of spices such as garlic, onion and pepper, Korean cuisine creates an harmony of flavours.

Seoul of the party Korean glazed wings

Chicken wings with a Ginger & five spice rub, doused in Custom Culinary® Master's Touch® Korean BBQ Sauce. Drizzled with Habanero Mayonnaise & a Chili & Chickpea crunchy topper!

How to describe the Master's Touch® Korean BBQ Sauce? 

A Korean style BBQ sauce with yellow bean sauce, red bell pepper, spices and a touch of garlic. Try it to discover yourself all its flavour.

FOODSERVICE inspiration

This summer, KFC Spain launched a new concept inspired by Italy, they called it Pollitza (meaning chickenpizza). They replaced the base, that is supposed to be Pizza dough, with fried chicken and then covered it with tomato, cheese and pepperoni.

Burger King Italy - Italian Kings Burgers are being launched to provide consumers with the opportunity to enjoy the regional flavours of various parts of Italy. The burgers come in the following varieties: the Pecorino Romano & Scamorza Burger, the ‘Nduja Burger and the Parmigiano Reggiano Burger, which are each crafted with a number of regionally specific ingredients.


(US) Fast-casual chain Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh featured a summer campaign last year known as Falafel Quest. Each month a new falafel was released featuring flavours from various European and Middle Eastern regions to bring globally inspired flavours to this traditional Middle Eastern dish.

@queenvicmarket What will you be having next week?👀#queenvictoriamarket #nightmarket #summer #whatson #todo #melbourne #fyp #food ♬ Watermelon Sugar - Harry Styles

While Melbourne is known around the world for the quality of its restaurants, its street food scene only really comes to life with the Summer/Winter Night Market. Foods from around the globe are congregated to allow taste buds to travel. Take a look at the Tik Tok video to discover some!



“Global cuisines provide a wealth of inspiration and excitement. When recreating an authentic dish, take the time to understand the culture and people of that country or region to respectfully appreciate the cuisine, and try to avoid substituting traditional ingredients.”

–Chef Mark Serice, Vice President Global Culinary, Griffith Foods* 

Culinary Expertise Around the Globe

Custom Culinary® network of chefs extends throughout five regions around the world—bringing a truly global perspective to our work. Our ability to work with authentic flavours and ingredients is unparalleled!

With a combined 190+ years of both front- and back-of-house experience, our renowned chefs know just what it takes to create exceptional flavour systems and innovative, delicious products. We can help you satisfy consumers’ appetites while expanding your bottom line.

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