Ginger Turmeric Ice cream, Custom Culinary®Turmeric Latte Premix

Ginger Turmeric Honey Fro-Yo

A Summer delight made with Healthy and Immunity Boosting with Custom Culinary® Turmeric Latte Premix.

What You'll Need

* Portions: 1
* Preparation Time: 4 Hours
150 gm Greek Yoghurt
15 gm Honey  
02 gm Grated Ginger
04 gm Custom Culinary® Turmeric Latte Premix


  1. Combine all the ingredients together in a blender.
  2. Transfer in a tray and place in the freezer, till it gets frozen.
  3. Healthy Summer Treat is ready to be served.

Chef Tips

It can also be enjoyed as a Smoothie. Bananas can be added while blending the Smoothie and Serve.