Volume 6 | Issue 6

June 15, 2020

Crafted Condiments


Artisanal sauces, sandwich spreads and relishes are popping up all over menus across foodservice segments. These creative condiments breathe new life into beloved classics and cater to trend-focused consumers who want to customize their food with the latest, greatest toppings. Unique condiments can help operators add signature flair to core menu items, too. They function as the ideal canvas for chefs to showcase interesting fusion flavors, which, in turn, can inspire consumers to try new-to-them ingredients from globe-spanning regions, especially on LTOs. Think burgers, chicken wings or fries served with a side of Korean gochujang aioli, chili-infused honey or mango curry mustard. Or, look at the most popular condiments from around the world for flavor inspiration—erős pista from Hungary, Salvadoran alguashte or Cambodian kroeung, to name a few. Whichever creative path you choose, you can be sure that premium condiments will take your dishes from ordinary to unforgettable. 



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