Spicy Crayfish Hamburger

Spicy Crayfish Hamburger

Wrapped in  Master's Touch® Spicy Crayfish Flavored Dressing, the crayfish is crispy and spicy. Paired with chicken steak marinated in  Chef's Own®Hot & Spicy Marinade, it is spicy and delicious, offering an ultimate experience for the taste buds.

What You'll Need

Amount Ingredients
120g Chicken thigh steak
30g Crayfish meat
1 ea. 4.5 inch hamburger bun
30g Master's Touch® Spicy Crayfish Flavored Dressing
5g Chef's Own®Hot & Spicy Marinade
10g Lettuce
1 Slice Cheese slice
1 ea. Tomato
Sprinkle Fried chicken powder


  1. Put the chicken thigh steak,  Chef's Own®Hot & Spicy Marinade and water into the bag, fill in air and seal it. Put it into the kneader for 30 minutes to enrich the flavor of the marinade.

  2. Take out the marinated steak, and evenly coat both sides with flour. Put it into a net basket and shake it three times in the water. Remove it from the water and keep flipping the net basket. Again coat both sides of the steak with powder evenly and thoroughly.

  3. Preheat the frying pan to 180°C, and fry the prepared steak for 6 minutes until it turns golden.

  4. Fry the crayfish in a frying pan at 180℃ for 8 seconds.

  5. Evenly coat the fried crayfish with 15g of  Master's Touch® Spicy Crayfish Flavored Dressing.

  6. Evenly spread 15g of  Master's Touch® Spicy Crayfish Flavored Dressing on the bottom slice of the 4.5-inch hamburger bun.

  7. Add 10g of lettuce on bun, followed by a slice of cheese, a slice of tomato, fried steak, crayfish wrapped in sauce, and then the other slice of bun.