Golden Sauerkraut and Sea Bass

Golden Sauerkraut and Sea Bass

The bright golden soup is paired with meaty, tasty and nutritious sea bass. This dish is rich, spicy, sour and refreshing. As well as an excellent appetizer, it serves as an ideal dish.

What You'll Need

Amount Ingredients
500g Sea bass
150g Water
5 g Sauerkraut
2 ea. Cherry tomatoes
5 pieces Black fungus
50g Chef's Own®Golden Spicy Sour Soup Base
3g Chicken Powder Seasoning
Sprinkle Olive oil
Sprinkle Salt
​Sprinkle Black pepper
​Sprinkle Coriander leaves


  1. Slice the lettuce and cut the cherry tomatoes into halves. Soak the black fungus and wash the enokitake.

  2. Remove the bones of the sea bass, and cut it into two halves. Season them with salt and black pepper.

  3. Preheat the iron pan to 100°C and add 10g of olive oil. Fry the seabass with the skin side down until it is golden brown, then turn it over and fry the flesh until it is 90% cooked. 

  4. Heat up water and 50g of  Chef's Own®Golden Spicy Sour Soup Base in the pot until they boil. Add the prepared sauerkraut, lettuce, enokitake, cherry tomatoes and then black fungus. Wait until they boil again and add 3g of  Chicken Powder Seasoning.

  5. Put the boiled golden soup in a bowl, and then add the fried sea bass, with the skin facing upward. Sprinkle a few coriander leaves on top for adornment.