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stacked root veg poutine

Stacked Root Veg Poutine

Yukon Gold & sweet Potato fries stacked with beet chips, seasoned with hot cayenne seasoning, topped with squeaky cheese curds and a traditionally flavoured poutine gravy.

What You'll Need

Amount Ingredients
2 cups Yukon Gold Potato Fries
2 cups Sweet Potato Fries
1/2 cup Beet Chips (About 1 Beet Sliced 1/8" Thick on a Mandolin)
  Frying Oil
1 Tbsp Custom Culinary® Spicy Hot Cayenne Seasoning
1/4 cup Cheddar or Pizza Mozzarella, Shredded Finely
1/4 cup White Cheese Curds
1/4 cup Custom Culinary® Poutine Sauce Mix, prepared as per instructions 
1 Green Onion, Sliced on the Bias for Garnish


  1. Prepare the Custom Culinary® Poutine Sauce Mix as per instructions. 
  2. Add the Yukon Gold and sweet potato fries into the fryer basket and cook in the fryer at 360°F (182°C) for 2-3 minutes or until crispy brown. Drain well, season with Custom Culinary® Spicy Hot Cayenne Seasoning and keep hot.
  3. Place the sliced beets into the fryer, making sure the chips do not stick together, and cook at 360°F (182°C) for 2-3 minutes until crispy brown or until the bubbling stops in the middle of each chip. Remove from the fryer with a wire skimmer and place on a wire rack to drain and season with half the Custom Culinary® Spicy Hot Cayenne Seasoning.
  4. Place the seasoned fries and other half of the Custom Culinary® Spicy Hot Cayenne Seasoning into a large mixing bowl and toss until well blended. Add the beet chips and finely shredded cheese into the bowl and mix until well blended (NOTE: Fries must be hot in order to melt the cheese, which binds and holds the stack together). Place into the metal mold, cover with the serving plate and hold for 20 seconds. With the serving plate still over the metal mold, flip and tap the bottom of the metal mold to release the fries onto the warmed plate.
  5. Add the cheese curds over the hot fries and plate.
  6. Pour poutine sauce over the curds.
  7. Garnish with sliced green onions.

Chef Tips

  • Keep the fries in the fryer basket above the hot oil to drain, but also keep hot while waiting to mix the cheese into the fries and set in the metal mold. 
  • The thinner the better when slicing the beets to make chips. If they are too thick, the centers won’t cook and will be soft.
  • Ensure the plate is warm and the poutine sauce is hot as fries cool down quickly. 
  • Keep the sliced green onions in cold water to keep them crisp. Drain well each time you portion.