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Side Dishes

Elotes corn salad

Elotes Corn Salad

Inspired by the delicious Mexican street food of charred corn on a cob, this elote corn salad culls all the iconic flavours but less the mess. Grilled corn is combined with jalapeño, red onion, avocados and cheese, tossed with a jalapeño guacamole and sriracha lime seasoning, and covered with a buttery garlic flavour glaze. Finished with fresh cilantro and grilled lime wedges.

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Butternut Squash

Sweet & Spicy Butternut Squash

The sweet and nutty flavours of butternut squash paired with the savoury, sweet and spicy profiles of gochujang makes for a perfect side to accompany your favourite main course. To add more depth for heat, a hot Louisiana flavour glaze is used to finish the dish.

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truffle parm fries

Truffle Parm Fries

Crispy, golden French fries dressed with Parmesan, fresh herbs and natural truffle flavours. 

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tempura vegetables

Spicy Tempura Vegetables

Red pepper, sweet potato, red onion, hot peppers and avocado battered and fried in a light, crispy batter; finished with a spicy Southern-style pepper seasoning and served with Togarashi soy sauce.

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red-eye gravy poutine

Red-Eye Gravy Poutine

Triple-cooked Yukon Gold fries topped with cheese curds and a coffee-infused poutine gravy.

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stacked root veg poutine

Stacked Root Veg Poutine

Yukon Gold & sweet Potato fries stacked with beet chips, seasoned with hot cayenne seasoning, topped with squeaky cheese curds and a traditionally flavoured poutine gravy.

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