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Quick and Tasty Guacamole

Using a combination of fresh ingredients and robust seasoning, this guacamole is easy to make and packed with flavour. In addition to avocados, tomato and lime, a sriracha lime seasoning elevates flavour and a hot Louisiana flavour glaze provides a nice "kick". Served with the complements of tortilla chips seasoned with a jalapeño guacamole seasoning.

What You'll Need

Amount Ingredients
1 tsp Custom Culinary® Jalapeno Guacamole Seasoning
  Corn Tortilla Chips
2 Whole Avocados, Pitted and Finely Diced
1 Tbsp Red Onion, Finely Chopped
1 Tbsp Vine Ripened Tomato, Finely Chopped
1 tsp Lime Juice
1 tsp Red Wine Vinegar
1/2 tsp Custom Culinary® Sriracha Lime Seasoning
1 tsp Custom Culinary® Hot Louisiana Flavour Glaze
  Fresh Cilantro


  1. In a medium bowl, season corn tortilla chips with Custom Culinary® Jalapeño Guacamole seasoning.
  2. In a separate small mixing bowl, add avocados and mash with a fork. 
  3. Add onion and tomato to avocados and mash further. 
  4. Add lime juice, red wine vinegar, Custom Culinary® Sriracha Lime Seasoning, and Custom Culinary® Hot Louisiana Flavour Glaze to avocado mixture. Mix until desired consistency. 
  5. Finish with fresh chopped cilantro.
  6. Serve with seasoned corn tortilla chips seasoned.