Volume 6 | Issue 1

fevereiro 17, 2020

Plant-Based Indulgence


Plant-based cuisine: it’s not just for health nuts. Chefs are proving once and for all that the latest generation of meatless meals can be rich, decadent and mouthwateringly delicious. As plant-based burgers move into the mainstream, a new wave of inventive comfort food dishes is primed to make an impact. Creative plant-based takes on already popular menu items—from lasagna with cashew-based béchamel sauce to Buffalo cauliflower wings to raw vegan s’mores—are popping up on menus across all restaurant segments. Vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians and omnivores alike flock to these items, presenting a unique opportunity for operators to capitalize on the trend while appealing to a broad consumer base.


Creating meatless menu items is easier than you think - especially when you take inspiration from unique plant-based dishes from around the world. Custom Culinary® products are available in a range of exciting flavors to help bring these trends to life.

¿Problemas para actualizar tu menú? Podemos ayudarte. FLAVOR IQ® nuestra herramienta para el desarrollo de menús.



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